Teaching your dog to sit, stay and heel at your command is easier with the Ultra-Plus Stainless Training Collar with Latch from Herm Springer. This safe and convenient training tool is designed to let dogs know when it’s time to heel. It's made with blunt prongs that help to guide your dog without hurting him. This works because the patented center plate mimics the way a mother uses her mouth to correct her puppies' behavior—the prongs gently pinch the back of his neck, signaling he should stop and listen. It’s great for taking large dogs or tough pullers on a walk, protecting you and your best bud from getting into a dangerous situation. Replacement links are available if you need to create a more custom fit.

Herm Sprenger Prong Collar w/ Quicksnap

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    • Designed to help you train your dog—especially commands like heel, sit and stay.
    • Features a quick-release snap that helps both you and your pup feel secure.
    • Gently pinches your dog's neck, mimicking the pinch a mother dog gives her puppies.
    • Great for walking strong pullers and large dogs, or during obedience training.
    • Replacement links are available to increase collar size.