All Aboard & Train

The All Aboard & Train is an intensive program designed to coach you, the owner, on how to be the best dog owner you can be; while we also board & train your dog to understand boundaries, take guidance, and be an overall well mannered dog.  


While your dog boards with us, we will be hard at work building their confidence and brand new skillset. But our training doesn't only extend to your pup. Training and understanding needs to be achieved at both ends of the leash. Our goal is to empower you to confidently reinforce the training and habituate better behaviors within normal day to day life and in any setting. Even well after initial training is complete.


While immersed in training, your pup will be getting trained and proofed in various real-world environments such as home, neighborhood, parks, stores, vets offices, etc. After their training you will continue to receive support via our Hybrid Hound University and 1 on 1 time with your training instructor in order to continue transferring the necessary knowledge and skills. 


After your dog’s stay you will be encouraged and expected to continue reinforcing the learned behaviors at home. Your training program will provide a certain amount of 1 on 1 time with your training instructor in order to help ensure a smooth transition, address any difficulties in training, and/or go over any of your latest goals.


Hybrid Hound University





Group Class: 8 Week Course

Puppy Class:  6 Week Course

Course in progress...

Next course will begin: July 2022

Whether you have a puppy, new dog, or a longtime companion that you think could learn better habits and behaviors, Group Classes are a great and affordable way to get started with the training process. If you are a caring and loving dog owner that has the availability and dedication to commit to training your dog on a week to week basis, this may be the program for you!


In group class, we will cover basic commands and behaviors that will teach your dog structure and boundaries, and will lead to making life with your dog less stressful and more enjoyable! We will meet once a week, for approximately 2 hours, spanning the course of 8 weeks. Come prepared to learn and have some fun but also expect to put in the time & effort outside of and in between classes to achieve maximum results with your dog. 


**For Dogs that are nervous, fearful, or that may have a hard time settling around other dogs, we recommend starting out with a consultation to discuss training options.


Reach out to request a phone call, or training consultation, today! (


Taught Behaviors include: Sit, Down, Stay, Place, Heel/ No leash pulling, Come/ Recall, Door manners, and more techniques to build better behaviors and set new boundaries for your dog!