All Aboard & Train

3 Wk All Aboard: $2600


4 Wk All Aboard: $3500

The All Aboard & Train is an intensive 5 day per week (M-F) training program that allows your trainer to build and structure your dog’s new skills and behaviors while also slowly integrating you into the training process. As your dog progresses through the training, you will use the concepts and skills that you learn in order to reinforce the training and habituate better behaviors in your normal day to day life.


For either 3 or 4 weeks, you will drop your dog off at our facility on Monday and leave them with us through Friday. While immersed in training, your pup will be getting trained and proofed in various real-world environments such as home, neighborhood, parks, and public access areas. Upon pick up each Friday you will receive a private lesson in order to teach you how to train and maintain their new skills and behaviors throughout the weekend.


Once your dog’s designated weeks come to an end you will be expected to continue reinforcing the learned behaviors at home. Your training program will also provide a certain number of follow up private lessons in order to help ensure a smooth transition, address any difficulties in training, or go over any of your latest goals.


Basic Training (Private Sessions)

Single Session: $150 per Lesson

Package: $750 for 6 Lessons

Package: $1,150 for 10 Lessons

Puppy Package: $400 for 4 Lessons


These one on one private session options are for those who have the availability and desire to actively participate in their dog’s transformation journey, or for those who learn best in an individual setting.


Throughout the program, your trainer will coach you on how to build, reinforce, and progress your dog’s new skill set and behaviors. It will be your responsibility to ensure that you are practicing throughout the week in order to reinforce these new behaviours and make timely progress.


Private lessons are typically held no more than once a week at your home and/or at a park and will last approximately one hour. Your trainer will guide you on what to work on throughout the week in order to make steady progress. With this program, you definitely get what you put in.


Group Class: $250 per 8 Week Course

Puppy Class: $150 per 6 Week Course

Whether you have a puppy, new dog, or a longtime companion that you think could learn better habits and behaviors, Group Classes are a great and affordable way to get started with the training process. If you are a caring and loving dog owner that has the availability and dedication to commit to training your dog on a week to week basis, this may be the program for you!


In group class, we will cover basic commands and behaviors that will teach your dog structure and boundaries, and will lead to making life with your dog less stressful and more enjoyable! We will meet once a week, for approximately 1.5 hours, spanning the course of 8 weeks. Come prepared to learn and have some fun but also expect to put in the time & effort outside of and in between classes to achieve maximum results with your dog. **For Dogs that are nervous, fearful, or that may have a hard time settling around other dogs, we recommend starting out with a consultation to discuss training options.


Reach out to request a consultation today (


Taught Behaviors include: Sit, Down, Stay, Place, Heel/ No leash pulling, Come/ Recall, Door manners, and more techniques to build better behaviors and set new boundaries for your dog!