Jose began his career with dogs in 2006 after joining the U.S. Military the year prior and was chosen to serve as a Marine Corps K9 Handler. During his enlistment, Jose completed two tours of duty in Iraq in 2007 and 2008 alongside his Patrol & Explosives Detection Military Working Dog, Gris (The face on our logo!). In 2010 Jose completed his active duty service. Thereafter he continued to pursue a career in dog handling and training. He worked as a K9 handler and instructor on a private security contract in Indonesia, then later as an explosives detection canine handler for a U.S. Government agency before diving further into the world of pet training. Jose attended Starmark Academy School for Dog Trainers and earned a certification as a Canine Training & Behavior Specialist. After a year of working at a reputable dog training facility in Houston where he became the Training Director, Jose decided to venture off on his own and fulfil his dream of owning and operating his own dog training business.


With over a decade of dog handling and training experience plus education, Jose is dedicated to the proper social development of dogs and the enlightenment of their owners. Semper Amici’s goal is to keep as many dogs from being unnecessarily abandoned and/or euthanized. We strive to accomplish this by teaching the dog and the owner to communicate as effectively as possible. Through obedience and behavior modification techniques we can build daily routines and habits for our pups that will shape the way that they see and interact with the human world around them. With training comes better control over your dog’s behavior which in turn will give you the freedom to enjoy a more balanced and harmonious life with your forever friend.

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